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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Plant Vs Zombies Game To Play

Hi peeps. i am quite amaze with this stunning game, my son play this game well, but me my self dont really play this game well. I bealive the motive of the game is to defend your home from brain eating zomies using plants. Yeah you heard me plants. There are quite number of plant that u will gain at every level u archive. Well if u could. The plant each have its special powers from spitting peas to explosive and much more. It is surely a fun and time wasting game that you will love to have. You can get it for ur PC (windows / mac) iphone, android and ipad. Get it now and you wont regret it. Trust me.

I prepare a link of free flash playing of this game for your preview. Try while you can, just dont let the zombies in your house, friedly reminder a sunflower is important dont forget. It will supply u with point to buy the plants.

Ok peep, please enjoyed this game. Bye.

Plants vs Zombies

Click here to play this game


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